Google I/O 15… In A Nutshell

We’ve already taken a look at what we thought were the highlights of Google I/O 15, but in case you wanted more, and didn’t feel like watching the whole 2 hour keynote speech, we’re grateful to The Verge for breaking down everything you need to know into just 10 minutes.

The Future of Wearable Tech

Wearable technology has come a long way since the Casio calculator watch of the 80s. But unlike the Casio, the current crop of wearable tech, and what we’re likely to see in the not too distant future, is likely to be more than just the latest fad, if what’s been seen at CES is anything to go by.

A Look Back At Google I/O 2015

google-i-o15So the massive geek fest that is Google I/O has come and gone and once more we are all left looking at the various announcements to see what was said and, just as importantly, what wasn’t. The show brings together the best Android developers to exhibit what wonders they have for us this year as well as glimpsing any new products and services that may be soon available. So what were the highlights of 2015 and what does it all mean for developers, designers and the SEO agency London businesses turn to, Grapefruit Marketing? We asked them to see what they said.


The Android M was expected to be showcased at the event as the planned release date is in the third quarter of this year and this was the case. The preview was mainly aimed at developers who need to start updating their apps and helping with bug identification but anyone with the Nexus tablets or Nexus Player can get a glimpse it from their preview guide. Continue reading

Can the Internet Be Truly Secure?

When the Internet was first introduced, security fears were the last thing on the minds of browsers. Many of us had to contend with slow dial-up speeds and primitive websites that offered the bare essentials. As technology evolves, so does the Internet, and thanks to the introduction of high-speed Internet, the online world now proves to be a force to be reckoned with.

Where we once used the Internet to check out emails and browse the odd webpage, the Internet now plays a daily part of our life. People are constantly online checking their social profiles and searching for those exclusive deals only available online. However, with the many benefits the Internet has to offer, the security of the information that we send and receive via the web has become evermore important.

What Is Being Done to Keep The Internet Secure?

Companies will do their best to ensure our information is secure. For example, many of those who deal with our sensitive information have to undergo a CRB check, also known as a DBS check. These CRB checks ensure that the person being put into a position of trust has no past issues that could jeopardise the security of the information they are handling. CRB checks are normally a necessity for anyone who is dealing with personal information or vulnerable people.

Internet Security Image Continue reading

Business Apps – Android or Apple?

Image from, you’ve had a brilliant idea for an app that is going to send your business into overdrive. It fits your brand, it will be super-popular and it’ll look awesome.

Just one question left – which platform to develop it for? Android or Apple?

Some would instantly vote for Apple – it seems to be the brand that executives choose and once you’ve used an iPhone, so it goes, you never look back. There are certain advantages of the IOS – the security is meant to be better than Android, with a lot of talk of Android malware, and it’s easy to wipe missing IOS devices using remote mobile device management. So, if one of your executives loses their precious iPhone on the train, with sensitive information on it, you can sort it out easily. Besides, Apple products look good. Continue reading

Mobile Apps – Business Essentials?

When the web began to go mobile and be available to web users anywhere on their mobile devices it basically tried to replicate the desktop experience on a smaller device such as a smartphone or tablet. Small phone screens crammed the entire contents of a webpage into a tiny area, making for a trying experience and a great deal of squinting. Things have changed, and app developers like messapps are helping to lead the way. Continue reading

Using Freelancers to Remain Flexible

One of the biggest growth areas in the human capital market in recent times has been the freelancer. More and more businesses are coming to realise that these people can fill a gap for a short or long term and save money in recruitment and long term costs. You can employ them when you need them and when you don’t, off they go to work with someone else.

Getting the right freelancers

Of course, as with any profession, there are the good and the bad. One of the biggest reasons businesses shy away from using the services of a freelancer is that they don’t know if they are going to do a good job. This is one reason that freelancers often use big websites such as Elance and PPH to showcase their services. Customers can leave feedback and reviews of the individual that can help others use their services confidently.

Other signs that a freelancer is serious about their job if is they use the services of an accountant for freelancers. This means that they are above board, declaring their taxes and doing everything correctly. Alternatively, if payments go through a website as mentioned, then you don’t have to worry about a random person having your bank details and that everything is above board and correct.


Hiring a freelancer

If you are hiring a freelancer for a long-term project, you may want to consider doing a few checks on them to be certain they have the right to work in the country, for example. A Right to Work check is an important step when hiring someone to work permanently in your business and should be considered for freelancers on longer-term projects. Sure if you are hiring someone to do a single or a weeks’ worth of work, you don’t need full background checks but otherwise it never hurts to cover yourself.

If you do have a big project, consider commissioning them to do just a small part to start with. That way you can see the standard of their work before you commit to a bigger, longer term undertaking. Portfolios and references are a good source of information but you need to work with the person and get along with them – sometimes this just doesn’t happen, no matter how good they are. So rather than sign them up to work for six months straight away, ask them to complete a single task and see how it goes from there. Tell them there is the potential for more work and they will be on top of their game.

Health and safety

While the rights of the freelancer are different to hose of employees, health and safety regulations still apply, if they are working within your business premises. This includes thins such as rest breaks and holiday provisions in some cases so all of these details should be in the contract if the freelancer is going to working for you for an extended period of time. Treat them much like temporary staff and you will both be protected.

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